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This page contains pictures and text showcasing the digital screening room at the Hudson Theatres


Vintage look out front of the Hudson Theatres.

Hudson Theatre Marquee

The Marquee at the Hudson Theatres.

The Tower screen in the Hudson Screening Room strewn with rose petals for a very decent proposal.

M.A.D. Acting Studio sells out the Hudson Backstage for Clown Bar.

Assorted pictures of the PEACH Theatre & Film Int'l Festival

‘That was exhilarating,’ attendees were overheard saying as they left the award ceremony following the three-day PEACH THEATRE & FILM INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL presented by Peachanda Dubose at the Hudson Theatres in Los Angeles. The Peach Festival is an annual celebration of live theatre and film where celebrity and working actors, writers, and directors get to show their stuff to the delight of the packed houses that attend.  

Mitch Hara starring in Mutant Olive 2.0 regularly packed the Hudson Guild Theatre

Hudson Theatres Mainstage audience

Audiences fill the Hudson Mainstage to take in Shooting Star

Some of the many stars at the Hudson Theatres

Capacity Crowd for Sunday Movie Night

Madison Davis director Cup of noodles out front of the Hudson Theatres

Filmmaker Madison Davis CUP OF NOODLES front of the Hudson Theatres.

Orange flyer for Cal Shorts Festival

Front of the Hudson Screening Room

Wildly popular since its launch in 2019, over 400 short films, feature-length films, documentaries, and test-screenings, have screened at the Hudson Theatres.

All Points Bulletin, by Robert Cantu, with Kevin Carney, Jessica Duclos, Wesley Mack, Miguel Mas. The Passenger, Alexander Bruckner, With Ben Dahlhaus, Andrew Garrett, Gaelle Gillis, Ruckus Hernandez. 846, directed by Charles Andrews, Andrew Essig. With Charles Andrews, Tim Delano, Skylar Dominique, Jalysa Harris. Still, Marc Martinez. The Adventures of the Gray Hat Hacker by Beau Garner. Leslie Stratton, Liam Dow, LeRoyal Tutt, Sharard Baker.Evil Professor, Susan Lim, Christina Teenz Tan, Samudra Kajal Saikia. Beirut After 40, Anthony Merchak, Anthony Merchak, Mohamad Ali, Dr. Nicolas abdallah, Fouad Kawasmi, Samir Rasas, Jad Ajram.

Digital screening room Los Angeles. Cremation of Time, directed by Beata Pozniak. She’s Dangerous, by Lang Liu, With Phillp Chang, Meng Deng. Rendezvous, Hiroki Utsunomiya, With Utano Aoi, Kazutaka Yamamoto.  Always Come in Second, Todd Lien & Yifu Li. Time Stamp, Robert Butler III & Cade Huseby, with Ayana Taylor, Ken Napzok, Cydney Gooch, Parker Huseby. Perception, Kedrick Parham, with Frankie Da Ponte, Tatiana Ortiz, Kedrick Parham, Jon St Pierre. Compel, Patrick Coleman Duncan, with Jessica Rothert, Patrick Coleman Duncan, Travis Stanberry. Short Film Screening Room Hollywood, California. Kevin, Tony Moore & Wesley Quinn, with Mel Mehrabian, Tony Moore, Scott Travis, Rique. Stairs, Jeff Porter. Doumi Girls, Yissendy Trinidad, with Lorena Jorge, Raya Dize, Pablo Azar. Hollywounded, Charlie Bellarose, Sophie Galibert. Starring Charlie Bellarose, Jamel King, Marc Haynes. Mona, Lori Mae Hernandez. Shoutout to All of My Haters, Colby Herbst. Digital screening room Los Angeles. A Cobra Halloween, Cameron Rice. Super Dilemma, Chase Yi. With Arthur J. Davis, Julienne Irons, T.K. Richardson. Collapse, Lennart Folk. The Aftermath, Callie Carpinteri. With Connor Neun, Sophia Paige, Courtney Walsh.

The Question I Ask Dementia, Basia Mallet, with Charles Mallet. A Time For Love: Something Beautiful, Dennis O’Neill. Drone, Andronica Marquis. Daniel Ray Abraham, Jacob Charlot, Wayne Coito, Jimmy Cupp, Jason Kakebean, Harry Kallet, Gisela Kovach, Andronica Marquis.

Indecision, Callie Carpinteri. A Quarter of Silence, Tonny Yang, with Tyler Aguallo, Arturo Garibay Dalba, Simone Herrera.  Oopsy Daisy, Devin Gillis, with Cassidy Foley, Sherine Menes, Devon Martinez. I’m Sorry That I Didn’t Call You, Lu Mendoza. Hollywood screening room documentary film. Out of Air, Jesse B. Evans, with Varda Appleton, Naomi Avery, Jessie B. Evans, Faith Imafidon. Penthos, Catherine Walker. Play Date, Jack Denny. Arranged Life, Unplanned Dreams, Aimilia Despoina Kanareli.  Gravel Wounds, Demarcus Brown, with Adriene Brathwaite, Davie Brown, Caylie Jones, Monique Webb Neuble.

Jesters Paradise, Sadi Eliyesil, with Miles Faber, Mike Markoff, Ignacyo Matynia, Ego Mikitas.

Norma Doesn’t Know She’s Magic, Francisco Huergo, with Francisco Huergo, Gabe Milligan-Green, Trysten Reynolds, Chris Ogren. Unframed Docs: Amanda Maciel Antunes, Julia Gil de Freitas. Breakfast with Jenny, M.C. Huff, with Gregory Michael, Rosaria Hosmer. The Wrong Guy, Martin Sofiedal, with Samuel David, Steven Gridley. Unexpected Guest, Bradley Stryker. With Bradley Stryker, Emilie Ullerup, Kyle Cassie, Caitlin Stryker.  The 7 Lives of Sara Blanchard, Kevin Ruiz, with Evan Angel, Eve Angel, Auri, Shelley Maree Coia. Screen film Los Angeles. Halloween Detour, Brandon Jyrome & Brittany Clemons. Sorry For My Loss, D’Adonis Moquette, with Jared Becker, Claire Pegram, Cheree Ramon, Rylie Decocq. Her Place, Matt Guajardo Kelsey, with Joe Cornet, Tanisha Gonzalez, Matt Kelsey, Marion Kerr. Not A Match, Steven Helgoth. A lonely gay man searches for his true love online during the holidays. Hope, Eli Sundler, with Roy Shellef, Nastya Sidorenko. Loli, Fernanda Tapia.  A political satire about the United States immigration policy. If I Had Time, Eli Sundler, with Yiannis Photinos. Histoire de Love, Seema Arora. Zensa Media International. A Well Respected Man, Rickey Bird, with Rickey Bird Jr., Thomas Brill, D.T. Carney, Thomas Haley. A Peek of Love, Jeremy Liu. Jeremy Lu and Michael Rendeiro. It Never Rains in L.A., Marco Marchiori, with Patrick Hogue, Robin S. Roth, Paula Zoza. Ghosted, Tracie Laymon, with Joseph D. Reitman, Jim Meskimen, Elizabeth Anweis, Alyssa Suede. Reflection,Timor Bootzin, with David Anthony McGill, Karla Rodriguez, Jose J Santana, Giselle Diaz. discount Screening Room, Los Angeles. The Pages of Destiny, Nicola Rinciari, starring Matteo Palumbo and Bruce Hearn. Reveal, Jeff Varville & Jeff Willy, with Jeff Willy, Sean Leon, Melissa Browne, Heidi Palomino.She’s Sick, Charlie Howard. Feeling Vertigo, Charlotte Kennett. Limbo Eclipse, Jeremiah Andrade. The Kid Behind the Iron Door, Farnaz Sarmiinia, with Nicholas Guilak, Maryam Pirband, Hanieh Nikooee, Melina Etemadsarabi. Soft Landing, Josh Ohea, Starring Ryon Thomas, Lisa Barnes, Brayden Gleave, Nicholas Milotta. Hourly rates screening room Los Angeles. Hollywood. I Don’t Like Mondays, Jesus Mantilla Artigas. Wiped Out, Benjamin Agsten. An Experimental Short. Negative Thoughts, Dillon Paul Sisson. The Ghost Hunt, Christopher James Wallace. Three ghost hunters investigate a house for their YouTube channel, and discover something they never expected. Winner Producer’s Choice Award. Cardio, Peter Cerny. Testimony, Jason Camp, With Roberto Sanchez, Ratoya Banks, Vladimir Versailles, Phil Tyler. Generations, Katherine Morein. Los Angeles Movie Theater to screen short films. Duplicitous Minds, Robert Rippberger, with Matthew Palumbo, Catalina Yue, Rob LaColla Jr., Arap Bethke. A Magician explains how magic works. Lost Angels, Vincent Tissier. Three friends find a briefcase full of cocaine, which they decide to sell after trying it. Life After Oblivion, Floyd Strayer, with Ryan Gangl, Susan Farese, Elliott McKenzie, Kyle Brody. Crossroads, Hakim Robinson. Winner 5 Academy Art University Awards.  Il Sacrificio Della Natura, Paolo Marzocchi, with Lucia Cinquetti, Radha Confino, Angela Fasulo, Maria Pia Pignataro. Denise, Eva-Marie Fredric. Short-film screening room, Los Angeles. Director/lyricist/actor/writer.  Melomaniac, Directed by Bryan Ricke, with Matt MacNelly, Remy Nozik, Jillian Nicole Smith. The Stitcher, David W. Bailey, Joe Lujan, with Aubrey Trujillo, David W. Bailey, Kristin Cortines, Chris Kalhoon. Off to College, Susan Mey Lee Lim, Christina Teenz Tan & Samudra Kajal Saikia. Jauritos, HF Crum, with Prida Moreza, Gilbert Chavarria, David Caucedo. The Wrench, Songhuan Li & Yifan Chen. Wall-E’s Old Man, Jeff Blyth. An old man is inspired to build a robot that long outlives him.  Low-Cost Feature Film Screening Room Los Angeles. Masked Men, Ralph Calle-Shultz, with Nicolo Abbate, Ahmad Al-Lawati, Ralph Calle-Schulz, Paul Darrell McGuire. Love During Corona, Mivan Hasan. DUAL CEREMONY, Hoang Vu Nguyen. COMPANION FRIEND - STUDIO RECORDING, Susan Mey Lee Lim. Winner Silver Award - Short Documentary. HUSH by Alex Merkin.  Producer JULIA KOSTENEVICH. DEAD DREAMS FALLING directed by Craig Murray. Co-written by Amine Boucekkine and Craig Murray. DYING FOR A LIVING by Darin P. Munnell, with Christopher Armas, Jed Bernard, Breeanna Judy, Larry Krask. Screen digital movie in Los Angeles.  A CELEBRATION OF LIFE by Nonie D Clark, with Doug Lito, Rachel Elizabeth Ames, Steve Froehlich, Dan Cheatham. CAROLINE by Ruijia Wang, with Vivian Huang, Tingting Liu, Chris Markle, Julia StarkA ROSE FROM THE ASHES by Quinn Friedman. GUNS AND STUFF by Alexander McDaniel, with Jordan Bull, Johnny Crown, Alexander McDaniel, Ed Nathan Mecate.  A New Era of Cowboy, Steph Martinez, with Jacob Seidman, David Beatty, Ryan Bertroche, Katie Liz Tassone. Film Screening Room Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.I Asked The Cedar Tree, Taha Mrichi. King Of Claws, Trevor Von Klueg & Novi Split. With Love Stella by Camryn Kanew. Fantasize by Susan Mey Lee Lim.  The Rose Wagon by Sandy Slavin & Christopher Catrost.  Iric, Sandra Tamkin.  A homeless young man struggles to find his place in the world and make sense of a traumatic childhood. #Anniversary by Ellis E. Fowler. Cast: Ester Tania, John F. Thomas, Ester Jiron. Urutau by Juan Ignacio Giuliani. Are You Amir Shah? Season 2: Episode 4 by Amir Shah. 

DUAL CEREMONY by Hoang Vu Nguyen. Hudson Theatres screening film. COMPANION FRIEND - STUDIO RECORDING by Susan Mey Lee Lim. DEAD DREAMS FALLING by Craig Murray. Co-written by Amine Boucekkine and Craig Murray. DYING FOR A LIVING by Darin P. Munnell. Disparaged and depressed, Joe seeks assistance from Christo, a shady individual, to help make a life altering decision. Los Angeles Film Screening Room. A CELEBRATION OF LIFE by Nonie D Clark. CAROLINE by Ruijia Wang, with Vivian Huang, Tingting Liu, Chris Markle, Julia Stark. A ROSE FROM THE ASHES by Quinn Friedman. A young girl makes an extraordinary discovery, and a great friend, when she finds a way to communicate with a kid across the world. MAKE YOUR BED by Devin Dugan, with Hannah Cameron, Devin Dugan, Kelsey Redmond, Matt Shuster. WAITING FOR THE PUNCHLINE by Lizze Gordon. BOY SCIENTIST Directed by Samudra Kajal Saikia, Christina Teenz Tan, Susan Lim. SUDDENLY by Nic Gregory. SCOOT by Farrar Pace. FREAKY by Christian D.K. Long.  HASTI by Aren Bayadyan. Cast: Salar Biria. PORTRAIT by Peter Takla, with Nader Emad, Dina Girgis, Beshoy Hanna, Hany Monir. PROTOCOL by Woody Woodhall, with Jay Eftimoski, Melissa Schumacher.  Hollywood Film Screening Room. THOMAS by Adriano Falconi, With Deion Bady, McKenzie Barwick, Jack Bivins, Will Bundon. DEADLINE by Shihan Shoukath. SERMON by Richard Hughes. GOD'S LAND by Victor M Macias. With Cristina Bernal, Cassidy Burroughs, Giovanni Navarro, Esai Sanchez. ONCE A SINNER by Andrew Barahona. GILBERT directed by Wendy Crouse. With Roger Sampson, Wendy Crouse. Screening Rooms L.A. 

AND THE HEAVENS MUST HAVE CRIED directed by James Camali. With Hannah Howzdy, Remington Moses, Amanda Turen, Evangeline Neuhart. COLORADO by Christopher Jacob Saint & Hunter Gulan. CODE 1\2 directed by Lancen Gm. With Keren Dekterov, Lancen Gm, Yipaer Nuermaimaiti. CREME BRULEE THE MOVIE directed by Dawn Spinella. With Navjit Bansi, Andrea St. Clair, John Dickinson, Verona Mhoon. SEQUENT MEET by Ajay Subramanian. Top ten film screening rooms Los Angeles. LARVAE STORY directed by Roda Na. With Kiduck Han, Kyojin Hwang, Seeseung Kim, Yeon-ah Kim, Jeong-a Son, Seungjun Kim, Hyunjung Lee, Kiwook Park. DELILAH directed by Nika Agiashvili. With Rainey Qualley, George Finn, Timothy V. Murphy, Bobby C. King. DUST ANGEL by Peter Dorn-Ravlin. JUST ANOTHER WEEK by Alexandra Louise Cianciolo. 

DARK DREAMS directed by Nicola De Prato. With Cole Elliott, Sarah Polednak. Hollywood screening room. Short films screening room Los Angeles. COUNTRYLESS WOMAN directed by Wubetu Shimelash. With Robert Factor, Faeben Fulford, Kasey O'Keefe. STELLEST GENESIS Directed by Romain Caudron, Pablo Daniel Magee. COSMIC STORM Directed by Tane McClure, Sandra Stenzel. With Nisha Catron. SHADOW WORK by Carlos Enrique Pacheco.  HOW TO CON A CON directed by Jonathan Waide. With Daniel Moye, Joshua  Verax. DARK WINTER by Shadow C. LaValley & Cami Storm. With Cami Storm, Shadow C. LaValley, Danielle Purdy, Àngels Ratés. Discount Screening Room Los Angeles. DEFENSELESS directed by Javier Augusto Nunez. With Carolina Catalino, Valentina Latyna Plascencia, Jose Rosete, Cami Storm.REMEMBRANCE directed by Michael Kumar. With Dolan Burquez, Dylan Hedemark, Emily Maldonado, April Reed. 

Best Screening Room options Los Angeles. She’s An Instagram Model directed by Keith Orlando Harris. With Keith Orlando Harris, Sabina Ziyasheva, Jantayeve Madina Bahytzhanovna, Vladimir.  Forlorn directed by Shayon Bhattacharya. With Preston Sabharwal, Marvl Roussan, Mahfuz Rahman, Ryan Murtha.  Mountain Spirit by Qiwei Li. Zishan Huang. Yin Fu & Yixuan Fu. Film Screening Room Los Angeles. Guns and Stuff, by Alexander McDaniel. Lucky Undies directed by Sam Silverstein. With Steele Stebbins, Adam Herschman, Mike Ferguson, Sandy Issa Balat. Hometown Boys by Jamie Sutor. With Grant Terzakis, Nate Pringle, David Kasner.  Vertical by Yuka Bayani. MAKE YOUR BED Directed by Tony Nocerino, Devin Dugan. With Hannah Cameron, Devin Dugan, Kelsey Redmond, Matt Shuster. WAITING FOR THE PUNCHLINE by Lizze Gordon. This short film follows Christy, a girl from the Midwest who moves to L.A. to surprise her comedian boyfriend only to find him with another girl. Hollywood Short Film Screening Room. BOY SCIENTIST directed by Samudra Kajal Saikia, Christina Teenz Tan, Susan Lim. A brilliant boy scientist meets the girl scientist of his dreams. Festival Screening Room Los Angeles. SUDDENLY by Nic Gregory. SCOOT by Farrar Pace. FREAKY by Christian D.K. Long about a promethean gamer experiments to create sentient life inside a photo realistic video game. HASTI by Aren Bayadyan. PORTRAIT Directed by Peter Takla. With Nader Emad, Dina Girgis, Beshoy Hanna, Hany Monir. PROTOCOL Directed by Woody Woodhall. With Jay Eftimoski, Melissa Schumacher.  Film Festival Los Angeles. Screen short film Los Angeles. Film Screening with afterparty Los Angeles.  THOMAS directed by Adriano Falconi. With Deion Bady, McKenzie Barwick, Jack Bivins, Will Bundon. 

ONCE A SINNER by Andrew Barahona. LITTLE ONE Directed by Chris Beyrooty, Logan Fields. With Nick Waters, Tatjana Marjanovic, Jay Villwock, Tyler Bailin. Screening Room Los Angeles. DENVER TO BOSTON directed by Joseph Anthony Marcello. With Joseph Anthony Marcello, Michaela Taylor, Adrian Jackson Gilbert, Brent Costantino. WHAT IF directed by Noah Berlow. Produced by: Terry Campbell. With Paul Leon, Noah Berlow, Rose Wolfrum, Amelia Iacobelli, Ian Lococo.  Hollywood, California short film screening festivals. WAFFLE directed by Victor Vargas. With Christian Cj Barth, Teresa Isbell, Adisyn Richards, Jay Wright. Bucky directed by Geoffrey Gould. With Victoria Ippolito, Michael Beardsley, Geoffrey Gould, Shannon Glasgow. TOMBSTONE PILLOW by Daniel Lir & Bayou Bennett. Producers: Lourdes Duque Baron, Bayou Bennett. GOLDS directed by Moses Lawi. With Ian T. Segears, Keegan Luther, Ian Harris, Makayla Nicole. KANDI KIDS directed by Sandu Negrea. With Chelsea Debo, Alexis Jayde Burnett, Shaun Patrick Brady, David Fein. The Garage directed by Daniel McMellen. Written by Chris Vincent. Show my film Los Angeles.  Are You Awake by Gabriel Caste. A psychological thriller, about a detached woman working as a door-to-door wake-up caller encounters a client refusing to leave his bed. GENERIC DRUGS by Tim Barry. A LITTLE TOO MUCH directed by Michael Mouyal. The true story of Daniel Mouyal the performer, about leaving a fast life behind in the pursuit of spreading love and peace to the world.

Film Screening Rooms Los Angeles. ZA by Sam Silverstein. THE BEACH by Matthew S. Robinson. MANIC PIXIE DREAM GIRL by Abigail Jarvis. When a young woman goes home with a stranger from a club, she becomes the target of a group of serial killer fraternity brothers. THE CANNIBALS by Kim Hopkins & Abigail Breslin. With Abigail Breslin, Giselle Eisenberg, Kim Hopkins, Emmy James. DESIGNATED DRIVER by Joss Refauvalet.  Tu _ Yo You _ Me directed by Yolanda Moreno Torrada Spain. My Loneliness, Our Loneliness directed by ÖSCAR CHAMORRO LÖPEZ Spain. Hotel Stories directed by TOMAS MARICHAL URBAN Uruguay. Los Angeles Screening Room. My Mother’s Voice directed by CHRISHENDA DAWKINS United States. With Chancee, Robbie Danzie, John Foster, Joey Jeter. Night Show CRISTINA MEDIERO Spain. Insert Coin MARCAL OLIVE Spain. A Scent of Red FELICIA E. United States. Greener Pastures MEDORA LEVY United States. Cast: Jocelyn Shelfo, Emma Starbird The Books Of Babies Names directed by Jane Livingstone United Kingdom. Bomb Defusing for the Abducted directed by Thomas Brand United States. Identity directed by ANTJE LINDNER Germany. King for a Day JOHN KOKKINIAS Australia. It’s Magic directed by BENJAMIN L. CONNELL United States. With Alayna Burgess, Mj Ricks. Magma ALEXANDRE DACOSTA Brazil. Intruder directed by MARTIN DOMINGUEZ BALL United States. Roman directed by KATHRIN WUSCHER German Switzerland. All That You Love directed by WARREN DUNCAN Australia. A short film based on "All That You Love Will Be Carried Away" from Everything's Eventual by Stephen King. 

APHRODITE directed by Jekyns Pelaez with Laura Alexich. Coffee Near Me. BABY directed by Edin Alain Martinez. Coffee Near Me. LIFE AFTER OBLIVION  directed by Floyd Strayer. With Ryan Gangl, Susan Farese, Elliott McKenzie, Kyle Brody.  Coffee Near Me. GROUNDS FOR TERMINATION  directed by Alan Natale. With Adam Daveline, Brooke deRosa. FRIEND DRAFT directed by David J. Murphy & Matt Florio. With Jimmy Shubert, Angelica Castro, Fran Capo, Jonathan Woody. Coffee Los Angeles. ACCORDING TO JOHN directed by Humberto Espinal.   LIVIN BEYOND THE PAIN directed by Jimmy Adrian Velarde.  Coffee Hollywood. SECRETS, SWIPES AND LIES directed by Dezera Page. With Saveaya Oz, James A. Pierce III, Moud Sabra, Josue Ledesma. Coffee Hollywood. PATHS directed by Azhin Kawa. With Jowan Abdulrazaq, Selami Arif, Karzan Omer, Zahra Saifaldeen. NORD DOLL directed by Elvira Kalnik. A DINNER by Jack Gorman & Shannon Walsh. Peter McGlynn, and Austin Woods. ART FOR EVERYONE? by Rick Meghiddo.  BROWNIES by Joshua Basili.With Brandon A VillaLobos, Juliette Hourani, Jaclyn Lopez. THE LLOYDPERGS by Gavin Lloyd, Shane Pergrem. MENTI MINDA - MOTHERTONGUE by Karin Balog. With Anastasia Kostner. TICKING by Joey R Marino. With David Morwick, Brandon Wahlberg, Emma Massalone, Christopher Connolly. CUP OF NOODLES Directed by Jana Claire Price. With Madison Davis, Danté Belardinelli, Kahlo De Jesus Buffington, Ben Michaels. Veil Theatre Company. TRIED AND TRUE JCP Productions. ANOTHER LOST GIRL Neon Shark Media Emma Evans. BLIND TRUTH directed by Laura Burnett. With Laura Burnett, Monti Washington, Doug Bilitch. ARE YOU READY? by Dylan Guard. (Drama). BARBARELLA by Giovanna Gorassini. With French actress Emmanuelle Seigner.  MINDY'S DREAM directed by Jeff Blyth. With Aurora Bugg, Scott MacDonald, Bekka Prewitt.  TINA by Laura Sweeney.  AAI- RON directed by Angel Alvarez. With Darby Adolphsen, Nick Conti, Camren Cooley, Gordon Giddings. BLIND LOVE by Elvira Kalnik. Blind Love is about relationship patterns. We don't notice anything bad in people we love until we open our eyes. PHOEBE HOPEKINGS AND THE FATE OF SERENDIPITY by Emanuele Colognese. THE LEGEND OF LA CARAMBADA by Fernando Pérez Valdez. The legend of one of the most feared women in the history of Mexico, who assaulted rich people on the roads to give it to the poor. OCEAN CHILD by Laura Koons and Marilyn Swick. With Rhys Olivia Cote, LaTeace Towns-Cuellar, Marilyn Swick, Chloe Trejo, Joy Tuck, Avery Lynn, Alex Bensley, Mary Herbert, Jayla Onwuakur, Gavin Walker, Evelyn Rubio. NOTHING ELSE directed by Kristina Schippling. Stars Javier and Lia. FIVE TOOL PLAYER directed by Carlos Ramirez explores the toxicity of machismo, the suppression of sexuality, and the nuances of South American baseball culture. Starring Jorge Luis Moreno. Sophia Bragar. Sebastian Seguar.  Gabriel Rivas. Ariel Wang. Screening room for rent in Hollywood. H.O. E  (Happiness over everything) by The Shenanigans. A stay at home mom with no financial worries realizes she isn't as happy as she portrays on social media and to her family and friends. DOJO directed by Armin Alic, With Jon Paul, Christofer Aguero, Juan Vilacoba, Daniel Gonzalez. Los Angeles screening rooms. APPOINTMENT WITH THE PLAGUE DOCTOR, LESTER HAYWOOD by  L.S. Strange. LEGACY by Lamara Sogomonian. THE DARKENED COTTAGE Directed by Benji Wragg. With Anne McCaffery-French, Oliver Midson, Vixey Teh, Faouzi Daghistani. Low-budget screening rooms Los Angeles.  PLATONIC LOVE directed by Nahyr Galaz Ruiz. Cast: Joe Cummings, Andrea Biklian. SOUL directed by I-Jien Jane Kou.  LOST AND FOUND IT directed by Alan Natale, With Jon Amirkhan, Joey Monisterios. SUNDAY directed by Carol Dorn. With Natasha Coppola-Shalom, Jessica DiSalvo. A KNOCK directed by Abraham Lopez. With Kenzie Phillips, Marissa Gill, Natalie Moore, Rob Shiells. EDGAR directed by David Willer. With Cedric Allard, Johan Cardot Da Costa, Yannick Farquhar, Sheryfa Luna. Best screening room in Los Angeles. NANCY DAYS by Indus Alelia. With Indus Alelia, Mara Stevë, Lindsey Loon, Richard Nonato. EPISODE 2 BOB'S STORIES directed by David Cleveland. Private screening room Hollywood, California. THIRST (CLOSE-CAPTIONED) directed by Patricia M Fox. RESILIENCE directed by Courtlin Fields &  John Montero. HARRY directed by Roy Boucher.


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