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Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop Marquee

Crowd out front of the Hudson Theatres March 2024

6541 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90038


MONDAY............. 9 AM - 7PM        FRIDAY................ 9 AM - 8 PM
TUESDAY............ 9 AM - 7PM        SATURDAY.......... 8:30 AM - 8 PM
WEDNESDAY...... 9AM - 7 PM        SUNDAY............... 9 AM - 5:30PM  
THURSDAY......... 9AM - 7 PM       
                                                        OPEN LATE ON SHOW NIGHTS

                                       SPECIAL HOURS: Closed July 4. 


Where to park when coming for coffee? Great question! The side streets around the Hudson Theatre offer plenty of 2-HR free parking until 6PM. After six o'clock some of the streets are permit-only. Seward St is often a good option. Be sure to read the signs. Street sweeping is Mon & Tue 10-AM-1PM. There's metered parking along Santa Monica Blvd 1-HR until 7PM every day. The best parking options are often on the streets south of Santa Monica Blvd. There are 10-minute food pick up zones right in front of the coffee shop if you're grabbing something to go. The nearest bus stop is the 4 at SMB / Wilcox. Hope to see you soon.

Hudson in large brown letters, a coffee mug, and text reading Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop

Hudson Theatre Website

(323) 856-4249

Nestled in the lobby of the Hudson Theatres is the Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop. A beloved Hollywood fixture open to the public during the day, serving as the theatre lobby at night. Featuring a full line of espresso, lattes, mochas, pastries, breakfast, lunch and dinner options, and ice cream. Staff is super friendly. Original artwork and custom-designed furniture gives the room a warm, Zen, vibe. They play jazz, but sometimes pop, have wifi, and offer several plant-based milk options. If you're exploring Hollywood and looking for something that's not the same as everything else, the Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop is a great old room to visit.

Two photos inside the coffee shop

Pre-show in the Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop

Pre-Show in the coffee shop lobby for A Family Business by Matt Chait

Post-show crowd Comedy show Group Chat in the Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop

Post Show GROUP CHAT with Alina, Anastasia, and Nicole.

Fun times post show at the Hudson Theatres.

Fest of Fools by Jim Landis Closing Night Party Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop

Audience for IDENTITY SCHOOL OF ACTING waiting in the coffee shop lobby to enter the theatre.

The Identity School of Acting at the Hudson Theatres. Look at all the happy people.

Audience for Sea of Terror by Sam Catlin in the Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop

The Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop has hosted the greatest Afterparties for over 30 years.

Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop coffee ready for pickup.

Mornings at the Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop

Sketch art Hudson Theatre Cofee Shop

Journal writing at the Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop

The laid back atmosphere of the Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop makes an ideal location to get out your morning pages.

Coffee Shop Chess Table

Man drinking coffee at custom chess table

Coffee Shop Evening

Michael Petted Acting Class in the Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop before class.

Home to many acting classes over the years, including the late Harry Mastrogeorge, current acting communities at the Hudson Theatres include an Actor's Space with Rob Brownstein, scene study (and on-camera) with Michael Petted, Workspace with Howie Deutch, and the Nancy Banks Studio.  For more info, write to   

The Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop crowded

Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop bustling evening crowd

Theatre Magic

Do you have questions? How about unmet needs? Is there something you desperately want, but don’t know where to turn? If so, you should ask the White Buffalo. This special painting is in the Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop in Hollywood, California, quietly hanging on the wall. Buy yourself a coffee, and when the time feels right, approach and make your query.

Danielle Mone Truitt 3: BLACK GIRL BLUES Opening Night Party

Opening Night Party Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop Lobby

The Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop on Santa Monica Blvd is where visitors can still experience the charm of 1930s Hollywood, California. Many plays and musicals got their start at this theatre.  In a city where seemingly everything changes, the Hudson Theatre lobby maintains the vibe of a bygone era. The staff is friendly and the room is most inviting. The bustle of the city fades as you walk through the door. They offer specialty coffees, lattes, premium ice cream, some light bites, and pastries. The Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop will be a highlight of your visit to Hollywood. 


Date Night at the Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop

Date Night at the Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop

Pic of Couple sitting on couch at the coffee shop

Ideal coffee shop vibes at the Hudson Theatre says SpaceThePerson on Insta.

Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop Loves Actors

Interior Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop full of people

Exterior Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop on a show night

Harry Karp SAG-AFTRA card

The Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop offers a special discount to members of SAG-AFTRA on all food and drink items. All you have to do is show your valid union card. That's just one way the Hudson Theatre shows it's love for actors.

Hollywood Theatre Row, Hollywood, California

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