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Harry Karp Carl's Jr. Hardee's Commerical

The Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop is managed by the beloved character actor and coffee pro Harry Karp. Harry appeared in numerous commercials, most-notably for Carl's Jr. / Hardees, as well as T.V. shows such as My Name Is Earl, ER, The West Wing, J.A.G., and the show which generated the most fan mail, Nickelodeon's Drake & Josh. Although excited for his acting career, friends mostly visited Harry's Hollywood digs for his custom espresso bar. At the Hudson Theatres Harry finally found his home, managing an historic theatre along with fully professional coffee shop. Harry greets everyone with his signature kind heart, whether they come in to talk acting or just for a great cup of coffee.

Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop Manager steaming, spinning, and sampling the Belgian KittyKat, a hazelnut latte.


Janice crouching with her orange Tabby standing on her shoulders

Janice is so integral to the Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop that L.A. Metro drivers ocassionally stop their bus right in front of the theatre so that Janice doesn't have to walk from the corner. A big fan of art in any form, Janice has been acting professionally on stages, screens, and in the vocal booth for years, while also writing, playing bass, and producing music of the indie-punk persuasion. With an eye for detail, Janice ensures that everything in the coffee shop is just so. When Janice's acting work takes her on location, the rest of the staff serenades her upon her return.


Jairo working in the Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop

A native of El Paso, TX, Jairo enjoys skateboarding, watching anime, and gaming. Jairo works at the Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop in part to indulge in his caffiene addiction while getting through High School. Registered for Cal State L.A. Jairo intends to keep his weekend gig at the theatre where he is highly regarded for his superior customer service.

Harry and Zeke in the coffee shop

Other Staffers

The other team members elected not be listed.

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