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The Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop proudly features dark roast 100% Arabica beans prepared by specialty roaster Alessandro Caffe. Despite myriad options in Los Angeles, it's hard to top the coffee from Alessandro Caffe.

Hudson Avenue Cold Brew Sign

Hudson Avenue Cold Brew is freshly brewed exclusively for the Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop. More than just a pick-me-up, Hudson Avenue Cold Brew is actual heaven. We enjoy it over ice with organic half & half.


Double shot of espresso with rich crema in a white demitasse mug

We offer a variety of classic, dark, and exquisite espresso roasts, at the Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop. We also serve decaf espresso. A generous double-shot with rich crema, delicious on its own or as the foundation of our lattes and cappuccinos.

Premium Lattes

The Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop has developed a line of premium lattes designed to contribute to the enjoyment of a night out at the theatre. Whether you prefer caramel, hazelnut, coconut, or peppermint, we have a drink for you. The two most popular lattes are The French Kiss for lovers of lavender, and the Dark Horse an unexpectedly delicious Madagascar Vanilla concoction. All our lattes can be made with almond, oat, coconut, or soy milk.


The Matcha used in the Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop. Jade Leaf. Organic, ceremonial grade.

Our Matcha Latte is affectionately known as Kojo the Dragon. We use JADE LEAF brand, organic, barista edition, matcha. Hot or iced, the unsweetened, ceremonial grade, matcha can be sweetened with simple syrup, or a flavored syrup such as lavender.


The Godfather

Affogato at the Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop

A cool delight on a hot summer's day. The Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop, most-revered espresso drink, affogato, comes with two scoops of premium vanilla or chocolate ice cream, freshly-pulled espresso, and butter waffle cone. You'll scrape the bottom of the bowl wishing that this treat hadn't come to an end.

We also feature THE SLIM CHILL clocking in at only 80 calories. Made with frozen sugar-free fudge pops and freshly pulled espresso (regular or decaf). A decadent, guilt-free dessert for those watching their sugars. 

Chai Latte

Chai Latte in a brown saucer and plate, topped with a dash of cinnamon

Our Chai is a sweetened blend of Chai Tea, coffee, and spices, sure to delight Chai fans on the first try.

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate at the Hudson Theatre

The Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop offers two options for Hot Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate. You don't need a sophisticated palate to enjoy this drink. Children and the Young at Heart will enjoy our hot chocolate. Plant-based milks including almond milk, oat milk coconut milk, or soy milk available on request.


Whether it's 'too late for coffee' or you're laying off coffee altogether, all of our lattes and mochas can be made decaf. Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop drinks are more than 'not bad for decaf.' You more likely will exclaim, 'this is actually delicious.'

Specialty Mochas

Our Shamrock (peppermint mocha), Bon-Bon (chocolate cherry latte), Rolo Derby (caramel mocha), The Nutty Professor (hazelnut mocha), and Mounds & Grounds (coconut mocha) are all proof that you can improve on the classic combination of coffee and chocolate. Plant-based milks including almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk, or soy milk available on request.


We offer an assortment of teas, including English Breakfast, Earl Gray, and Japanese Sencha or Jasmine green tea. Our herbal varieties include chamomile, lemon ginger, peppermint and red raspberry. You can enjoy your tea on its own, with milk, honey, and / or lemon. We carry a variety of artificial sweeteners, including Equal, Stevia, and Splenda. All our teas are available hot or iced.


Assorted Cookies in the Hudson Theatre coffee Shop Pastry selection. Chocolate chunk, white chocolate macadamia nut and oatmeal cranberry with walnuts

We offer a variety of pastries to accompany your coffee, including butter croissants, an assortment of muffins, cookies, and brownies. The muffins are Double Chocolate, Lemon, Poppy Seed, and Banana Nut. The cookies are chocolate chunk, white chocolate macadamia nut, apple-cinnamon, and oatmeal-cranberry with walnuts. The brownies are chocolate, chocolate-chip.  We carry GF, dairy-free macaroons. The macaroons contain egg whites. You can order your brownie ala mode, and the decadent Kodiak Croissant is served hot, with two scoops of vanilla ice cream and a chocolate drizzle.  You can always get a Root Beer Float with two scoops of premium vanilla ice cream and lots of sweet foamy soda. 

Gluten-Free Pastry

Story of the gluten-free Brownie of Brunei


When you crave something other than a muffin, brownie, or bakery cookie, the Hudson Grub Menu will have something for you. The fresh and hot $7.50 breakfast croissant (egg & cheese) is a great way to start your day in Hollywood. You can add smoked turkey or pastrami for only $1. Our staff favorite Parfait Accompli is a delightful blend of Greek Honey Yogurt, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and almond granola. It's easy to fall in love with this parfait. Our classic toasted bagel & cream cheese always hits the spot. Our bagel with cream cheese and lox spread is an easy way to feel extravagant, priced only at $8.50. The Grilled Cheese is a delightful cheesy sandwich that comes with a bag of chips. The toasted Turkey & Swiss is served with chips, pickles pepper, and of course mustard / mayo. What brings deli fans back, even without tickets to a show, is THE CARNEGIE, a hot Pastrami sandwich with melted Swiss, served with chips, pickles, mustard and mayo. We also offer the Cali Croissant (turkey & Swiss), the Carnegie Croissant (pastrami & Swiss), and the Big Cheesy Croissant great for a quick meal. Last, but not least, there's the PB & J. Most cafes don't serve PB & J, but at the Hudson Theatre this childhood favorite has been on the menu for over 30 years. GLUTEN-FREE bread is available for most of our sandwiches.

Yogurt parfait with Blackberries, blueberries and raspberries and almond granola.


Bagel wit hot pastrami & Swiss, chips, mustard and pepperoncini pepper

Hot deli Pastrami & Swiss cheese on a bagel, served with chips, mustard, mayo, and pepperoncini pepper. It's that good!

Theatre chef prepares the lox schmear.


Candy and snacks at the Hudson Theatres

The Hudson snack cart offers a delightful array of snacks, including, Red Vines, Lifesaver Gummies, Ms. Vickie's Potato Chips, Gardetto's, Harvest Snaps, Peanut Butter Cups, Twix bars, Snickers bars, Cliff bars, Kind bars, Nature Valley Sweet & Salty bars, Tic Tacs, chewing gum, and cough drops.

The Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop is a go-to stop for Hollywood Moms looking to grab something quick and inexpensive for their children as an after school snack. The Big Cheesy Croissant, a yogurt parfait, a hot chocolate, and cookie, or small bowl of vanilla ice cream (of course an afternoon latte for mom or dad regular or decaf) will satisfy the most fussy eaters.

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